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UK Parliament Hit By Cyber Attack Targeting Email Accounts JUNE 26th 2017

Experts have suggested that a foreign government could be responsible

The British Parliament has been hit by a cyber attack which has reportedly been targeting MP’s email accounts and causing havoc with government communications.



WannaCrypt blamed for speed camera re-boot frenzy, despite lack of ransom debands JUNE 25th 2017

USB-toting admin 'upgraded' Windows and Linux systems with something nasty that Police can't really explain

A contractor in the Australian State of Victoria has managed to infect an unknown number of speed cameras with a virus, over sneakernet.



Google Search Results Will No Longer Show Medical Records JUNE 23rd 2017

Google makes a departure from its usually hands-off approach when it comes to search results

Google has started the process of removing people’s medical records from its search results after changing its policy around the removal of personal content.



It's 2017, and UPnP is helping black-hats run banking malware JUNE 19th 2017

Pinkslipbot malware copies Conflicker for C&C channel

Another banking malware variant has been spotted in the wild, and it's using UPnP to pop home routers to expose unsuspecting home users, recruited as part of the botnet.



Google plans to scrub 'inflammatory' and terror vids from youTube JUNE 19th 2017

AI isn't good enough for the job, so more mods and Google ads will get into the grey areas

Google's revealed its plans to remove terror-related content from YouTube and decided the investment community should hear about it before the rest of us.

The plan emerged in a post first published in the Financial Times and later popped online, the company's revealed a four-point plan.



North Korea Gets The Blame As True Scale Of WannaCry Attack Revealed JUNE 16th 2017

Investigations by Britain's NCSC back up previous claims regarding WannaCry origin

New investigations have shed more light on the recent WannaCry ransomware epidemic, revealing the scale and origin of the global cyber attack.



Election 2017: Hung Parliament Will Force Conservatives To Make Informal Coalition Deal JUNE 9th 2017

Overall effect on the technology industry is that it’s not likely to shake things up yet

A hung parliament is the result of the snap general election, leaving confusion as to how the next government will be formed and which party will drive Brexit negotiations.



Say hello to Dvmap: The first Android malware with code injection JUNE 9th 2017

Trojan deletes root access to dodge detection

A powerful Android trojan with novel code injection features that posed as a game was distributed through the Google Play Store before its recent removal.



InfoSec 2017: Was there a silver lining in WannaCry ransomware attack? JUNE 9th 2017

Rik Ferguson, special advisor to Europol and a luminary of the cyber-security industry, told a keynote audience that there is reason to be just a little hopeful about ransomware.

Rik Ferguson told a keynote audience at InfoSecurity Europe 2017, that even in the wake of WannaCry, which shut down public utilities, government departments and large companies across the world, there is still a silver lining, however slim.




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