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The NHS Could Have Avoided WannaCry Attack, Says NAO Report OCT 27th 2017

WannaCry ransomware attack made worse as NHS did not follow basic security recommendations

The NHS and the Department for Health have been criticised after Britain’s National Audit Office (NAO) said that it could have avoided the devastating effects of the “relatively unsophisticated” WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May, if they had followed “basic IT security” protocols.


Attackers could fully compromise shipping comms server via backdoor OCT 27th 2017

Backdoor account and blind SQL attacks vulnerability found in AmosConnect 8 satellite comms equipment used in shipping.

Several  vulnerabilities have been found in satellite communications devices used in shipping that could allow pre-authenticated attackers to fully compromise a communications server.


New phishing campaign uses 20-year-old Microsoft mess as bait OCT 23rd 2017

The ever-vigilant folk at the Internet Storm Centre (SANS) have spotted yet another campaign trying to drop the Locky ransomware using compromised Word files.


Google slides text message 2FA a little closer to the door OCT 20th 2017

A Prompt response to insecurity

Text messages aren't a great way to implement two-factor authentication, but it's a technique that's stubbornly persistent. Now Google has decided to push things along by pushing its alternative into production.


Mobile companies overcharging customers after contracts end OCT 20th 2017

Vodafone, EE and Three are continuing to charge customers for the mobile phones they buy as part of a contract, even after the cost of the handset has been paid off, research suggests.

Citizens Advice found that customers who do not take out a new contract are paying an average £22 extra a month.


Hackers scanning for unsecured SSH private keys on WordPress sites OCT 20th 2017

Lack of key security allows criminals keys to the kingdom after scanning 25,000 systems per day to find unsecured SSH private keys.

Hackers have scanned thousands of WordPress websites in an attempt to find unsecured SSH private keys. According to security researchers, around 25,000 systems per day have been scanned to find the keys which could help in compromising website security.


UK mobile coverage 'deplorable', says Lord Adonis OCT 16th 2017

Mobile phone coverage in the UK is "deplorable", according to the chairman of the national infrastructure commission, Lord Adonis.

The comments come on the day that Lord Adonis launches a public consultation into the UK's infrastructure.

Speaking to the BBC, he also highlighted traffic congestion.


An oil industry hacker facing jail, a $20m damages bill, and claims of counter-hacking OCT 16th 2017

Inside the bizarre ongoing Rigzone saga

Analysis David Kent, of Spring, Texas, USA, was sentenced to prison earlier this month for hacking, a oil and gas industry website he founded and sold to employment data biz DHI Group, in an effort to build a second site,, into an acquisition target.


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